Abarat ~ Clive Barker
map(800 x 302) Abarat (painted)
Acacia ~ David Anthony Durham
map(750 x 557) Acacia Map of the Known World (book 1)
map(838 x 624) Acacia Map of the Known World (book 2)
Bas-Lag ~ China Miéville
map(1875 x 1410) New Crobuzon b&w
The First Law / Best Served Cold ~ Joe Abercrombie
map(1161 x 820) Circle of the World (First Law) by Scubamarco
map(1024 x 791) Circle of the World (First Law) by fki
map(1600 x 1335) Styria (Best Served Cold)
The Black God's War ~ Moses Sirigar III
map(1000 x 667) Rezzia: Pawelon
the Chathrand Voyages ~ Robert V. S. Redick
map(1069 x 382) Chathrand decks
map(1025 x 757) Northwest Alifros, 941 Western Solar Year
map(1777 x 1246) Efaroc Peninsula, Empire of Bali Adro
the Chronicles of Narnia ~ C. S. Lewis
map(2294 x 1692) Narnia
Codex Alera ~ Jim Butcher
map(1280 x 1024) Alera: First Lord's Fury
map(1600 x 1200) Alera: First Lord's Fury
Conan ~ Robert E. Howard
map(885 x 600) Hyboria
the Demon Cycle ~ Peter V. Brett
map(740 x 961) The Warded Man
Discworld ~ Terry Pratchett
map(2814 x 2863) Discworld
map(1280 x 1310) Ankh-Morpork
Earthsea ~ Ursula K. Le Guin
map(3736 x 2823) Earthsea
map(929 x 767) Earthsea b&w
Elric ~ Michael Moorcock
map(900 x 701) Melniboné
The Final Empire (Mistborn) ~ Brandon Sanderson
map(558 x 829) map 1 from Mistborn
map(674 x 509) Luthadel
map(431 x 691) Fadrex City
map(658 x 411) Urteau
Johannes Cabal ~ Jonathan L. Howard
map(1527 x 970) A Region of the Dreamlands
Kingkiller Chronicles ~ Patrick Rothfuss
map(2102 x 1396) The Four Corners of Civilization
Kushiel's Legacy ~ Jacqueline Carey
map(800 x 613) Terre d'Ange and surrounding area
map(667 x 450) northern countries
map(1023 x 831) the world (with fold)
Locke Lamora & Jean Tannen ~ Scott Lynch
map(848 x 540) Camorr
map(559 x 600) The Brass Sea
map(800 x 600) Tal Verrar
the Lord of the Rings ~ J. R. R. Tolkien
map(1714 x 1733) Middle Earth
map(1600 x 1200) Middle Earth (version 2)
map(1280 x 1024) Thror's map (The Hobbit)
Malazan Book of the Fallen ~ Steven Erikson / Ian C. Esslemont
map (1581 x 1024) Black Coral & Environs
map (842 x 612) Capustan (Eastern Genabackis)
map(1280 x 750)Central Letheras
map(804 x 1172)Central Malazan Empire: Major Cities Only
map(1635 x 1067) Central Malazan Empire: Quon Tali
map(1150 x 871) Chain of Dogs (Coltaine's March: the first half)
map(1190 x 922) Chain of Dogs (Coltaine's March: the second half)
map(701 x 526) Darujhistan (Genabackis)
map(1719 x 1309) Empire of Lether (and neighbors)
map(612 x 842) Genabackis: The Pannion War
map (1072 x 780) Malaz City
map(1280 x 853) Pan'Arak Oasis (Raraku's Heart)
map(1113 x 863) Seven Cities
map(1604 x 1021) Seven Cities (wide)
map(800 x 400) the World of Malaz
map(1600 x 839) the World of Malaz (2)
map(1323 x 945) The Lands of Fist (Stonewielder)
the Night Angel trilogy ~ Brent Weeks
map(1125 x 924) Midcyru
Oz & Wicked ~ L. Frank Baum / Gregory Maguire
map(717 x 500) The Land of Oz (Baum)
map(710 x 500) Countries Near Oz (Baum)
map(802 x 520) Land surrounding Oz (Baum)
map(2000 x 1640) The Land of Oz (Maguire)
the Princess Bride ~ William Goldman
map(741 x 795) Florin and Guilder
Riyria Revelations ~ Michael Sullivan
map(720 x 653) Elan
map(720 x 664) Avryn
Sabriel ~ Garth Nix
map(560 x 988) The Old Kingdom
Shadows of the Apt ~ Adrian Tchaikovsky
map(1257 x 991) The Lowlands and environs
A Song of Ice and Fire ~ George R. R. Martin
map(744 x 1229) Beyond the Wall [in color]
map(750 x 1227) North Westeros [in color]
map(748 x 1227) South Westeros [in color]
map(748 x 1229) Summer Sea [in color]
map(418 x 1024) Free Cities & Narrow Sea (in color)
map(762 x 2231) Westeros
map(1328 x 3017) Westeros (large, in color)
The Wall Of Night ~ Helen Lowe
map(800 x 632) The Heir of Night (book 1)
The Wheel of Time ~ Robert Jordan / Brandon Sanderson
map(1280 x 960) the southwestern continent
map(1364 x 786) the full continent

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